[SnowGlobe Spotlight] Aeroplane

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Fasten your seat belts friends. Prepare for departure. Aeroplane is ready to blast off into discoville with a fuel tank filled to the brim with funk and groove. Didn’t know you could operate machinery with solely funk and groove?! It’s never too late to learn something new.


On the real though, this guy has been one of the most consistent disco house producers in the scene. Once a duo, but now the reigns have been taken by Vito and he’s holding his own quite well. The other guy split off and formed The Magician…you may have heard of him. Vito’s remixes and mixes are something we always can count on to be extremely special. Now we get to see him in the snow on the beautiful lands of Tahoe!


Vito is headlining THE IGLOO stage on Monday night, but he’s also playing an afterparty on a boat with Snakehips that same night!!! Everything I love. Get tickets to that here.



Justin Timberlake – Sui & Tie (Aeroplane Remix)


Mystery Skulls – Paralyzed (Aeroplane Remix)


Aeroplane Not-So-Monthly July Mix 2014


SnowGlobe Spotlight brings attention to special artists that will be featured at SnowGlobe Fest 2014.
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