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Despacio is back, and it certainly is happiness. For those who don’t know, Despacio is a one of a kind musical experience curated by James Murphy and the Dewaele brothers responsible for Soulwax and 2manyDJs. They made an immersive party powered by the 50,000 watt 10′ tall speakers they built.


As you can imagine, it’s expensive to move this equipment around so they rarely do it. Last time it was on the west coast it was a side stage at Coachella that was available all weekend.


Best part? They only play disco and funk on vinyl behind a wall where the focus is off them and just on the music and sound. I happened to catch 2manyDJs three times over CRSSD weekend, and let me tell you, they have still got it. They are just as innovative, creative, and unpredictable as ever.



The coveted lovechild of FNGRS CRSSD and Goldenvoice returns to the lovely waterfront park in Downtown San Diego. The bi-annual festival really is the gem of musical collection that leaves underground and rising star fanatics drooling from the moment the lineup is released until the final sunset performance of the weekend. This March CRSSD will showcase debatably their most amazing lineup to date, and the results don’t lie: it sold out almost immediately.



This year sees some special lineup additions like the red hot Gesaffelstein, the fan favorite Rufus Du Sol, and the legendary Carl Cox. The special treats come in the undercard. Arguably the most fun festival DJs are doing the first ever official B2B that I’ve ever seen, and that also isn’t their Despacio project. This B2B happens to be with head of Bromance records BRODINSKI!? Not to mention Soulwax will also be doing their live set, which is worth the ticket price alone. Hopefully they bring their three drummers they were touring with a couple years ago. A name we haven’t seen on any bills in some time: French Express hero and smooth spacy house hero Perseus. Finally…The Rapture. THEY’RE BACK! Let your nostalgia and craziness run wild.



This is the kind of special madness that comes together rarely for an American festival, and it’s something that doesn’t just make CRSSD so special, but not to be missed.


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The brainchild day-into-night event of the legend Lee Burridge makes its way to one of the biggest and most beautiful metropolitan parks in the country. After starting on a Brooklyn rooftop nine years ago, this experience has garnered a cult following of people who want to get away from their day to day for the outdoor party of the year. Having been hosted in Ibiza, Moscow, Dubai, New York, London, Mykonos, Tulum, and more, it’s no secret why they choose these special locations for such a unique vibe. Be sure to get tickets from the link above and listen to Lee Burridge’s Essential Mix that came out a couple months ago.






pc: Shervin Lanez


With up to 20 years of playing music together under their belt, the familial union of these talented musicians can not be understated. This brass infused wonder band is packed with jam sessions that will satisfy even the biggest Phish fans. They have been back and forth through the years in the eyes of the media as far as whether or not they will stick together, but these guys just like to chill and go at their own pace.


Well they are back with a vengeance and at the Fillmore TONIGHT! There could not be a more perfect, historical venue to house this experience for not just them, but us, the fans. Be sure to grab an apple on your way in. It’s part of the Fillmore experience, and they’re delicious.







If you’ve ever seen Tennis live before, you might be surprised to know that they are, in fact, a duo. In all their years touring, they have been backed by a band. The fun thing about being a traveling musician is that you can experiment and play with different formats to keep things interesting…Not just to provide variance for the fans, but to shake things up on your own creative pursuits. That’s why I commend Tennis for taking on this challenge and embracing the imminent growth that will come from the SOLO IN STERO tour.


Also, were you ready to take a trip down to Nostalgiaville? Because we’re going there, baby. Tennis is taking none other than Matt Costa with them on this unique tour! Two heavy hitters coming together under the intimately eery roof of The Chapel in SF. Tickets are sold out, but I’m feeling lucky for you on their event page.





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The amazing, wonderful, glorious, view-tastic, no-set-overlaptstick festival is back! You’ll have to excuse our excitement. After a two year hiatus, while on the hunt for a new location that could shed a light on the beautiful views of Treasure Island, the easily lovable festival returns. This is also despite hitting unruly waters in 2016 that unfortunately left a bitter taste in many mouths, even though it wasn’t the festivals fault at all. Those who were in attendance will forever remember the unique experience of everyone coming together literally in puddles and rivers, in sorrow over cancelled acts, or rejoicing over surprise DJ sets (Thanks Tycho!).


In 2018, they’re back with a vengeance of a lineup that has everyone over the moon to return to their beloved festival, regardless of the location. While TIMF boasts the most wonderful feature of staggered set times so attendees never have to miss an act, there’s still much else to do by way of exploring or silent disco-ing. That said, we highly recommend you find a good spot for the following acts. Also, remember to bring a jacket or a thick beer coat – it gets windy past sundown.



Nabi Air


San Francisco has always been a hot bed of creatives working to break through the intimate music scene. One way or another, every creative can (and should) find themselves learning about or embracing other parts of the industry. For Nabi Air, it started by hosting their own event series called Blank Cassette. Stationed in a gallery, it’s immediately evident how important all mediums of art are to these two.


Nabi Air’s infatuation with art extends into their music. In their debut, you’ll find theatrical synths, impactful breaks, and the powerful vocals of Yoonha Jeong coming together with the angst of a production duo wanting to be heard. Though this is just the beginning, there is much promise in their direction, and we look forward to their development in the next few years.