[GIVEAWAY] DESPACIO @ Knockdown Center – Queens, NY, April 2 & 3

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Despacio is back, and it certainly is happiness. For those who don’t know, Despacio is a one of a kind musical experience curated by James Murphy and the Dewaele brothers responsible for Soulwax and 2manyDJs. They made an immersive party powered by the 50,000 watt 10′ tall speakers they built.


As you can imagine, it’s expensive to move this equipment around so they rarely do it. Last time it was on the west coast it was a side stage at Coachella that was available all weekend.


Best part? They only play disco and funk on vinyl behind a wall where the focus is off them and just on the music and sound. I happened to catch 2manyDJs three times over CRSSD weekend, and let me tell you, they have still got it. They are just as innovative, creative, and unpredictable as ever.