[INDIE] New Releases: The Neighbourhood – The Love Collection

The Neighbourhood | I Love You

You’d think with an amazing album just released and a performance at Coachella under the belt, the Neighbourhood would take a rest. Instead, Jesse and his hoodlums are at it again releasing new tracks that are pure lyrical gold. Sometimes, there is just no stopping the flow of art. To solidify the fact that they are devoted to their cause, the Neighbourhood are releasing songs as additions to shows of “The Love Collection” national tour with Lovelife, The 1975, FourNames, and JMSN.

West Coast

For the first leg with Lovelife, they released ‘West Coast’. This track is where the gang’s genius really shines. Jesse lets loose with his rap roots to tell us what it means to be an oddball California kid. He sings about faith, hate, drugs and happiness in his uniquely dismal style. Did you catch how the instrumentals so closely resemble and honor old school rap (I’m talking Warren G, Dilla, Dr. Dre status)? I mean how about that synth line? It’s right on point.

No Grey

The second leg of their tour – with The 1975 – gives us ‘No Grey’. This one’s a bit less dreary than ‘West Coast’ as far as the message. Jesse decides to portray his image of stardom. The Neighbourhood’s express shuttle to the limelight weighs upon their minds; and their decree: it’s not for the money. He makes this quite clear with the line ‘the only thing that’s changed is a little change in my hand’. Good. We hope they never sell out.


‘$TING’ is their release for their leg with JMSN. Jesse has an emotional purge with this track. This one is, quite obviously, about a broken relationship. While the rhythm is depressed, don’t take it the wrong way: the song is about finding clarity. The gang brings in some piano for this track and it fits so splendidly with the mood.

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