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Now in its second year as a standalone festival, Woogie Weekend continues to gather artists that could hold their own on parent festival LIB‘s lineup. The event is even hosted at LIB’s former home: Oak Canyon Park, Silverado Canyon. Anyone who’s stopped by the Woogie stage at LIB knows the sound and the vibe: funky and carefree during the day; deep and dark at night. And this year’s lineup is definitely influenced by a playa touch. Luckily, there’s water all around to help manage that hot summer sun (or an unpredictable muddy cuddle puddle a la 2015).


The event runs July 8-10, 2016 with 2-day and Sunday tickets available, so there’s really no reason not to check out at least Sunday (Rampue, Rodriguez Jr., Kidnap Kid, and TEED are among our must sees of the weekend). With a lineup this good at a $160 all weekend ticket price, this is perhaps the most “worth it” festival bill we’ve seen this year.




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7/14 Days


There’s Jay-Z and Beyonce, Lennon and Yoko (hah!), and then there’s Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg. Techno’s power couple prove on and off the decks that music unites. Add tastemaker talent and DJ know-how and this B2B duo are more than just tabloid material, they’re the unstoppable drive of techno personified. Be there Sunday to see how their love translates to sound.


Adam Beyer b2b Ida Engberg – Drumcode 290




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Last year, the famed Robot Heart crew decided it was time to host their own desert oasis outside of Black Rock. And thus, Further Future was born. A forward-facing experience in music, performance, food, arts, community, and inspiration, this particular “renegade” festival has already set itself up to be a staple for progress-aficionados. Unmistakably calling on its Burner roots, Further Future stands as a shorter and less demanding introduction to the future of festival culture.




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When I moved away from southern California, I thought the thing I would miss most (other than my family) was the consistent music scene in LA. But thanks to event producers like Lights Down Low, I’ve pretty much forgot about it. Although, I do miss the bigger LA venues, but I digress.


Lights Down Low have been at it for over a decade, bringing the most well respected underground acts to California for their entire tenure. Seeing as how they’ve booked heavy-hitters SKREAM & Jamie Jones for this Friday, their ten year anniversary will be no different. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll open up your schedule for this unforgettable night at arguably San Francisco’s best venue.


Jamie Jones b2b Seth Troxler @ CRSSD Festival 2015


SKREAM March Mix


Longer nights. Deeper thoughts. Blood moons. Heavier feelings. We’ve come into this season with high hopes.


Amateur Best – White Noise

Amateur Best‘s blasé electronic pop efforts continue on from last month’s ‘They Know‘ with a little less dance and a bit more drone. Excitement surrounds his upcoming album.


Maribou State – Wallflower (Simona Drive Remix)

This Simona Drive remix of Maribou State is for solo sideline adventures. With just enough kick to keep the feet shuffling, it gets lost where it doesn’t to be found.


HEALTH – Flesh World (Kenton Slash Demon Remix)

Steady death magic techno from Kenton Slash Demon over HEALTH calls upon the secret warehouse vibes of yesteryear. Ride this one into the dawn.


BABEL – Made to Stay

BABEL‘s new track reminds us there’s always a tomorrow. Halfway through, the soothing guitar gets the feelings flowing ever thicker.


Thrupence – New Light

New light, new life. This subliminal soundscape chases the darkness as it fades to white. In the wake, the sun rises with Thrupence.


The Beach Boys – Kokomo (Viceroy Edit)

Summer never ends, as Viceroy well knows. He breathes new life back into The Beach Boys‘ classic track. Not that it ever left.


SPZRKT & Sango – How Do You Love Me (Chris McClenney Remix)

Remember to love as SPZRKT & Sango‘s HDYLM gets the jazzy keys treatment by Chris McClenney.




Just 6 months ago, we were lauding FNGRS CRSSD for bringing forward thinking music and well-structured logistics to the San Diego scene. Early last month, they let us know they were far from done. And earlier today, they let us know that they’re here to claim their title as San Diego’s premier festival for those in the musical know.


Phase 1


Phase 2



Symbiosis Gathering | Lineup | Tickets


Well known among Black Rock circles, Goldcap is a master at leading listeners on journeys through deep-desert tech and playa-house. Having caught him multiple times (this year’s LIB experience was a major highlight), it’s a given that we give him credit for the way he spins a story.


Symbiosis will be the perfect setting for his off-center Armenian-influenced desert sound; here’s to hoping Sabo makes a guest B2B appearance as he has been recently.


Bimini Boombox – Goldcap – Guest Mix 001

Bill Withers – Hope She’ll Be Happier (MMakossa feat. Goldcap Rework)


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☼ Symbiosis Gathering ☼
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