Jordan Rakei, UK’s multi-instrumentalist young gun, is making his way to the Bay Area next week to flood the halls of The Fillmore with his sultry jams. Having accolades which include collaborating with Tom Misch and Disclosure while being a Nina Tune label mate of Bonobo, who he also toured with, you know something special is-a brewin’.


He has all the flavors of UK dance music and garage, but mixes it with R&B, jazz, and soul in a way that has us confidently awaiting his booming success. Rakei reminds me of the potential I saw in Sam Smith, but less poppy, more edgy, and ready to be discovered by the masses.


Take this special opportunity to see him at one of the world’s most storied and magnificent venues next Thursday on March 8th. Be sure to listen to his latest album Wallflower, which I included below. My favorite song is “May.” I get the chills just thinking about it…He’s able to take such a beautiful, uplifting chord progression into a booming, bass-filled chorus that has me closing my eyes and getting lost every time. Seriously can’t wait for this show.







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41/48 Days


When they made it into our 2014 Honorable Mention for the rousing Dead, Young Fathers were only getting started. Follow up album White Men are Black Men Too continued to feature their Scot-pop catchiness interlaced among heavy militaristic droning with hopeful background bagpipes staying strong. Interspersed across all of that sonic space are politically charged rap and soulful ballads that highlight a deeply caring and international influence.


Catch them Sunday for what’s been touted as a very energetic live show.


Young Fathers – Low

Young Fathers – Old Rock n’ Roll

Young Fathers – Shame

Young Fathers – No Way




Back in 2012, Alex Young was well on his way to becoming a bright star in the trap scene. Still, his more emotively charged work like SWTRWTHR stood out among the black hole mediocrity of perverted brand management.


Fast forward 3 years, and the better part of 2015 spent in the dark soul searching, and 19 year old Alex Young has emerged anew. He has traded away the trap growing pains for an exceedingly poignant and vocal approach to music. Over the last few months he’s teased his debut album, Coming of Age, with 3 tracks and a short movie. Suffice it to say, Alex’s labor of growing up has definitely bore fruit.


Alex Young – I Am.

Alex Young – Right Now






Storms and cold snaps are a weekly affair. Stay warm with these smooth and hypnotizing rhythms; wetness optional.


Felix Pallas – RAKATA

Keep Felix Pallas and RAKATA close. The synthy progressions are so very easy to get lost in.



TENDER tease their second EP with Lost and Afternoon. Their style has really come through: late night, cozy quarters.


Good Morning – To Be Won

Good Morning, it’s time to give up. Recent EP, Glory, from this crew is heavy on the lofi feelings.


Tom Misch x Carmody – Easy Love

Tom Misch and Carmody come together again for a warm and easy affair.


Gnash ft. Olivia O’Brien – I Hate I Love (Perttu Remix)

New on the scene, Perttu takes Gnash‘s hopelessly romantic track with Olivia O’Brien and shifts the low to lively without distracting from the amazing original.


Jahkoy – Odd Future

Toronto’s JAHKOY is far from done with his style of sexy R&B. ‘Odd Future’ is a melancholic self-realization.


Like sweet silk, the passions that hang in the air of CLUB KURU‘s Layla embrace the ears until everything goes red from reverence and shivers from seduction.






The Girls of Winter: brooding and lovelorn, their heart-baring sleeves give light to hopeful romanticism to come.


Donna Missal – Hotline Bling

Breakups are violent. Donna Missal fights toxicity with vengeance.


ZUZU – Clever Gains

Loss is debilitating. ZUZU finds comfort in the dismay.


Tsar B – Escalate

Emotion is escalation. Tsar B gives it all to release a tired mind.


Alo Lee – Videos

Commitment is compromise. Alo Lee shows the solution is simple if you listen closely.



Passion is unaccommodating. Sälen expresses the heart when nothing else can be done.


P’ARIS – Focus

Hope is tender. P’ARIS focuses on the perfection of what could be.


Sofi de la Torre – Colorblind Cruisin’

Love is colorblind. Sofi de la Torre adds a pop step to it.


EXES – Grey

The end is black or white. EXES paints it grey to lighten the heart.


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The Moony Habits crew has been slowly, but surely, making headway in the LA underground. With 3 shows already logged, Moony Habits is making quite the name for itself. This Thursday, they’re shaking it up again with Rhythm and Bass style that’s rather different from LA’s typical hip-hop and beats scene. Sans one DJ set, every act will be performing LIVE.


Soulection’s Chris McClenney with bring his whole band as he tickles the ivories; StarRo will have vocal support from Gavin Turek, Jarell Perry, Iman Europe, Lindsay Olsen as well as special guest drummer, David Myers Jr.; Moony Habits veteran Mike Gao will be performing his all new Polyplayground set; and A Sol Mechanic will perform live alongside a special secret guest. Astronautica will also be present to DJ the way she does (very well on the beats). Kuro will be playing the changeovers. Come prepared with your night-souls because things are going to get romantic.



Standard procedure. The contest ends at 12PM Thursday, August 6th!
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Do 1, 2, or all of the above. As always, the more entries –> the better your chance to win. Be sure to be ready to check your inbox/twitter, because we’ll be giving it to the first person who responds when the contest is over. See you guys there!


Chris McClenney – Soulection White Label

Gavin Turek – Don’t Fight It (StarRo remix)

StarRo – Hold On, We’re Going Home Ft. Iman Europe (Drake Rework)

Mike Gao – Shifty (Anderson Paak x Doja Cat)