[Album Blurb] PillowTalk + Je Ne Sais Quoi

PillowTalk | Buy Je Ne Sais Quoi

Wolf+Lamb artists PillowTalk believe in sexy-smooth; 2011’s The Come Back exposed me to that. Their recent (and first) LP Je Ne Sais Quoi is a fusion of R&B, disco, house, dance, pop, and techno [D.A.G.!] that has surpassed all my expectations and has taken over our ears here at C+A+D. It’s been nearly 2 months of listening and we’re still finding out why we love it so much.

I like to think it is due to the heart-warming dreaminess in each track. Opener, ‘Our Story’, sets it up perfectly – this album is a soulful sonic dance adventure. The stories may differ, but the feel-good soul is absolute. They’ve put Je Ne Sais Quoi up for your free streaming pleasure on SoundCloud. Show the crew some love and buy it!

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