YOLO List: Week 7

Goodbye room!

Music.Music.Music.Music.Music. This is going to have to be a shorter, less informative YOLO List for this week. I spent too much time on the HARD Haunted Mansion posts (Night 1/Night 2). Now it’s time to make the move out of my former house and ready myself to move to sunny Newport Beach, California. I probably shouldn’t have waited to do everything last minute, especially since I’m seeing Chemical Brothers and Chromeo tonight at the sold out Hollywood Bowl. But you only live once, and I’m not about to put my life on hold fo’ nothin’. Enjoy this list! All of your feedback fuels this site, so thank YOU for that. C+A+D is happy to hear we’re helping to make your music world go ’round.

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Delightful Mention!

**Courtesy of Muddy Flowers singer Amir Razmjou, who was also featured on YOLO List: Week 3.

Artist: Sonny & the Sunsets
Album: Tomorrow is Alright

The San Francisco music scene is currently out of control, especially when it comes to finding fresh creative ways of making pop music. Sonny Smith and his band The Sunsets are creating their own place in this community. Smith’s vision is a much more nostalgic and stripped down one; filled with acoustic guitars, hand percussion, catchy bass lines, and beautiful vocal harmonies full of la la la’s and ooh’s and ahhh’s. These songs are so beautifully simple that it can’t be overstated. Smith sings about love in all its glorious forms, growing up, killing people with a tube of cream, a planet of women where men are kept in chains, and much more. If you read more about Sonny Smith, you will find he is what you would call a modern renaissance man of the arts. He’s written plays, directed films, worked on visual art, and now music. In a recent project, he created 100 fictitious bands, and had various visual artists draw album art for each of these artists, and then Smith wrote and recorded a song for each of these artists… yes.. 100 songs. This project was displayed in a gallery in San Francisco. Look at Sonny & the Sunsets– “Tomorrow is Alright” as a snapshot of Smith’s carefree, poetic, and loving view of the world.

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