“The Palace Garden” by Beat Connection

Seattle’s Beat Connection is something of a hidden gem on the chill-wave front. In the chill-wave-tidal-wave of our present year they’re doing something right and are sure to quickly float to the top. They have the given elements of their genre nailed–synthy-escapist ambiences floating through tribal clamor, but their debut LP Palace Garden has something else to it that makes it a bit more real. I think it manages to sneak past and beyond all of the other chill-wave bands of the moment. Despite its ethereal appeal, it’s not something you want to listen to face-down in your pillow at night, and you’re not going to be at risk of falling asleep at the wheel if you’re listening to it on the road.

It’s colors are more glaring and its beats more grooving. You’re gonna want to move to this stuff, and honestly it’s hard not to. Try sitting still listening to the title track, for instance. Their music is energetic and swift, so it’s not surprising that I’ve only heard wonderful things about their live performances. If all this isn’t enough to sell you, they’ve been on tour with Starfucker, a C+A+D essential. They’re young and on fire and are only getting better. Snag the album and keep your eyes open for these dudes.

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1. New Criteria
2. Palace Garden 4 Am
3. Soala
4. Oeuvreboard
5. Invisible Cities
6. Trap House
7. Think Feel (Feat. Chelsey Scheffe)
8. Foreign Embassy
9. Further Out
10. Other Side of the Sky
11. Sometimes Wonder
12. En Route