[LIB Spotlight] The Lucent Temple of Consciousness Pre-Event 5|3

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One of the things that sets LIB apart from all the other festivals is the Lucent Temple of Consciousness – where the true “transformative” power of the festival comes from. Unfortunately, upon the festival grounds, the internal strife usually wins in the favor of live music. Luckily, the Do Lab offers a Temple Pre-Party leading up to the Memorial Day Weekend festivities. The pre-event is a 12-hour urban retreat on Sunday, May 3rd at The Springs LA that will give a small preview of the holistic lectures, workshops, yoga and movement, food, art, live performance, and, of course, music of the Lucent Temple of Consciousness that will be present in Bradley, CA.


This year’s LIB Temple will feature an expanded Learning Kitchen, Healing Sanctuary, Meditation Nest, Mystery School, Pineal Playground, two yoga tents, and world-class lecturers. If you’re at all interested in learning new skills and new things about yourself, then we strongly suggest you stop by either the pre-Temple event or the actual Temple of Consciousness at LIB.



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