[LIB Spotlight] G Jones

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Lightning in a Bottle wouldn’t be Lightning in a Bottle without the heavy tremble of bass music. Our final preview before making the journey to Bradley pays homage to this fact. It also pays homage to G Jones‘s rise through the ranks of bass technicians. His after-hours Drift set last year was so good that he’s become a regular at DoLab events. We’re proud of him.


He mixes beats, hip-hop, grime, trap, ethnic and dark bass to create a soundscape that’s hard to replicate. Come dance with us as he tears up the Big Fish Thunder Stage on Saturday at 8pm – prime time hour for things to get a whole lot weirder and a whole lot more fun.


G Jones – Krabby Patty Secret Formula

G Jones x Tsuruda – Push

G Jones – Goblin



LIB Spotlight brings attention to special artists that will be featured at Lightning In A Bottle Fest 2015.
Some we love. Some we just discovered. All essential.
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