[French House] Artist Spotlight: Darius

Darius | Soundcloud

Every once and awhile I’ll hear a song that puts me at absolute peace. It will be a song that reminds me of just how powerful music can be; emotionally, physically, inspirationally. It’s a feeling that I only can imagine is comparable to being in a complete meditative state. Simply being one with your existence. It sounds extreme, but I’m positive everybody hears a song that makes them feel like this at least once.

Recently for me, that song was Darius’ remix of Crayon’s “Give You Up” (released on Yuksek’s record label Partyfine). I was hooked. It only made sense when I found out he was half of C+A+D Favorite Cherokee. The smooth synths and airy vocals give it this dreamy feel that gets me every time I listen to it. Though I can comfortably say that track is the pinnacle of Darius’ solo career so far, every track on his soundcloud has something special to offer.