[Concert Recall] SnowGlobe Festival & Its Top 5 Acts

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Last week we had the pleasure of freezing our asses off in northern California’s b-e-a-utiful city of Lake Tahoe. The electronic/hip hop festival hybrid saw its fourth anniversary in the woodsy wonderland. Studded with an all-star lineup, SnowGlobe featured some of the more cutting edge acts in the underground electronic music scene…and Atmosphere, who was the only true hip hop act on the bill. Check after the jump for more on the festival and the artists that made it extra special.




Snowglobe itself was located along the football field of South Lake Tahoe’s Community college. On the peak of the festival, it seemed as though the festival almost bit off more than it could chew with the size of the venue and the amount of people in attendance. It may be time to consider larger venue and more areas with heat lamps for Tahoe’s hungry, freezing electronic music scene.


The festival housed three stages: the Main Stage, the side Sierra Tent, and the smaller, loungy Igloo. Getting around the main stage wasn’t much of an issue, if you could bear standing in the cold. Most sane people were wearing their heavy snow gear and beer coats making standing in borderline snowy weather tolerable. With acts like Porter, Skrillex, Atmosphere, Cherub, Phantogram, and crew bringing the energy to that stage, being cold wasn’t even on your mind. Besides, if it wasn’t so cold they wouldn’t have been able to have a 40′ jump set up along the stage with snowboarders and skiiers providing an aerial show for us!




The Sierra tent was the second biggest but had the biggest struggle to get in and out of. With only one way in and out, you could pretty much kiss comfortably catching your favorite artist’s set goodbye if you weren’t there early. The Igloo was hardly an igloo. Not only were the funkiest, grooviest artists bringing the heat there, they pumped warm air like there was no tomorrow. Take off your jacket, grab a brew (if you had an updated 21+ wristband for the day), and “chill” out with your friends.




Some things to work on in the future by popular demand: bigger venue, bigger tents with doors for side entrances, wristbands with RFID chips to keep people from sneaking in, multiple bathroom areas, and multiple festival entry points. All in all, this fest is an incredibly unique experience. It brings every extremely friendly attendee together in an emperor-penguin-style to beat the cold and see some of the best underground acts in the game. Not to mention, any excuse to go to Lake Tahoe should be grasped. One of the most beautiful places in the entire world.





5. Le Youth


4. Porter Robinson ‘Worlds’ LIVE


3. Justin Martin


2. Atmosphere


1. Branchez