Coachellaltdelight: J.E.S.u.S

CoachellAltDelight brings attention to special artists that will be featured in Indio come April.
Some we love. Some we just discovered. All essential.
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5/12 Days



DJ supergroup J.E.S.u.S. is comprised of four of the more outspoken – and respected – electronic artists of our age (Jackmaster, Eats Everything, Skream, und Seth Troxler). When they’re together, these jesters tag onto each others’ respective styles seamlessly. The result is an unpredictable back2back2back2back adventure through all things at the forefront of house music.


Expect to hear new releases from all around the world and see some silly shenanigans onstage. They will be making their American debut on Sunday and we’ll be right there in Yuma taking it all in.


J.E.S.u.S. – Boiler Room Ibiza DJ Set