[Album Review] Sub Focus – Torus

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The world that saw the release of Sub Focus’ self-titled debut in 2009 couldn’t have changed more drastically. The difference has been exponential. In technology, music, lifestyle, and pretty much every way imaginable. Nick Douwma, better known by his stage name Sub Focus, never wanted to confine himself to a single genre, but is best known for his unique breed of drum & bass.

I personally never really understood the sound until I saw the kind of energy and melody it holds at one of Sub Focus’ live shows a few years back. It was a combination of the music he played, the people that were there, and the towering live set he performed on and worked tirelessly to perfect…but that’s another story (documentary below). We live in a time where drum & bass generally doesn’t have the respect it deserves, leaving a big hole for quality material being released. I only can imagine that Sub Focus filled that void with hope that Torus inspires producers on precisely how to do it right.

Torus encapsulates just about everything that makes Sub Focus so important to me and electronic music in general: experimentation, diversity, range, and soul. He brings life back to drum & bass with “Safe in Sound,” “You Make It Better,” “Turn It Around,” and the timeless “Out The Blue.” He takes on a synth rock vibe for “Endorphins,” “Out Of Reach,” and “Until The End.” Then tracks like “Falling Down” and “Close” bring light to Sub Focus’ impeccable range across genres. There’s just something about his execution and the way he uses his vocals that consistently send chills down my spine. All we can do now is pray that he takes his “portal” live setup back on tour (specifically to southern California) so we can shower in all its glory once again!


1. Torus
2. Safe In Sound
3. Endorphins Feat. Alex Clare
4. Out The Blue Feat. Alice Gold
5. Twilight
6. Close Feat. MNEK
7. Turn It Around Feat. Kele
8. Out Of Reach Feat. Jayelldee
9. Falling Down Feat. Kenzie May
10. Turn Back Time
11. You Make It Better Feat. Culture Shock & TC
12. Tidal Wave Feat. Alpines
13. Until The End Feat. Foxes
**iTunes Deluxe Version**
14. Eclipse
15. Original
16. Falling Down (VIP) [feat. Kenzie May]
17. Endorphins (feat. Alex Clare) [Sub Focus vs. Fred V & Grafix Remix]