[Album Blurb] ZHU + THE NIGHTDAY.


After he announced his role in ‘Moves like Ms. Jackson’, ZHU’s name came dripping off everyone’s tongue. ZHU chooses to stay covered by the shroud of his sound; the whole faceless aspect just adds to the deep, dark, and crunchy tech beat and high-pitched vocals. His EP THE NIGHTDAY. just came out and its a superb production of R&B influenced ghetto/deep house for sultry scenes in dark rooms the world over.

Our senses are sated for the time-being. But rest assured, ZHU and his mysterious ‘Generation Why’ movement will be staying in our limelight.

¯\_( ? )_/¯

ZHU – Moves Like Ms. Jackson (OutKast Cover)


1. Stay Closer.
2. Faded.

3. Paradise Awaits.

4. Superfriends.
5. The One.
6. Cocaine Model.