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The two sisters that make up CocoRosie blend dreamy blues indie-pop vocals with experimental beats and electronica. While the combination of genres is rather peculiar, these sisters create a sense of alluring curiosity with that oddity. The addition of their interactive and artistic stage presence only makes the performance that much more worthy to see live.


Their upcoming album, Heartache City, and its first live performance headlines Symbiosis’ Sunday at Big Island. Bianca “Coco” will also be debuting her side project Bianca Casady & The C.I.A. in the US over the weekend. With both acts, you can be sure that the performance will be a theatrics-laden event. We’ll see you there.


CocoRosie – Un Beso

CocoRosie – Heartache City

CocoRosie – No One Knows She Goes There


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