“Replicants” by Millionyoung

Replicants. Download this album. Right. Now. Very rarely will I tell you to do this and only when I feel very strongly about an album. It’s a synthy vacation, teetering on the borders of chillwave but without ever falling into the trap of the Washed Out wannabe. It features grooving elements of indie pop with often eerily distorted vocals. It is an addictive blend of funk nostalgia and bubbling techno-pop. My words don’t do it justice, really. I’m more or less in love.

For fans of:
Phantogram, Washed Out, Neon Indian, Craft Spells, Small Black, Memory Tapes

1. Obelisk
2. Cosmonaut
3. Easy Now
4. On-On
5. Replicants
6. Tokyo 3
7. 001
8. Forerunner
9. Perfect Eyes
10. Calrissian
11. Sentimental
12. Gravity Feels
13. Syanthropic