[NNMF Spotlight] Goldfish

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Straight outta’ Cape Town comes Goldfish. The South African duo produces some of the finest – what I like to refer to as – “Gatsby House” I’ve ever heard. Mixing instruments like the piano, flute, trumpet, stand-up bass, saxophone and others with punchy drums and 64-bit synths, Goldfish has been taking over the festival circuit with their one of a kind live shows. Using turntables, electric drums, and a barrage of live instruments, Goldfish has been able to create something completely unique on stage that is for sure a can’t miss performance at Northern Nights. From flappers to hippies, Goldfish will have everyone doing the Charleston.


Goldfish – Fort Know

Goldfish – Brush Your Hair

Goldfish – Sugar Man (Tribute to Rodriguez)

Goldfish – Moonwalk Away