Latest & Greatest 11/6: White Peaks, Shifty Feet [GEOFFROY | Finch Fetti + Sabrina Claudio | Filous | VIMES | Charles Murdoch | World Champion]

El Niño is underway shaping the months to come. Farther north, the heavens rain soft white on grey peaks. We edge closer and closer to the permanent snuggle of winter. Here are a few tracks to help the blood flow.


GEOFFROY – Soaked in Gold

Montreal’s Geoffroy and sauve are one in the same. Undeniably Chet-esque, there’s a romanticism in the electronic-acoustic style that sets him clearly apart. Soaked in Gold is out 11.13.


Finch Fetti x Sabrina Claudio – Hotline Bling (Drake Cover)

Finch Fetti and Sabrina Claudio turn this radio hit on its head with this wanting cover. Warm bass, faded synths, and angelic vocals exchange Drake‘s structures for a more late night lovers’ vibe.


RAC – 3AM ft. Katie Herzig (filous Remix)

RAC‘s Going Away Tour kicked off last week and the traveling party decided to create this lovely little heart-lifter to set the tone. Filous‘s lofty feel good sound added to Katie Herzig‘s romantic vocals takes it down a totally different road that still serves the hopeful purpose.


VIMES – Kyra

This quick mood setter drops in heavy with the mellow space. VIMES is a German duo that has been effectively combining the – lately – deeper musical ideals of the region. ‘Kyra’ is their latest foray into the steady drive of techno coupled with the humanism of heartbreak pop.


Charles Murdoch – Privacy ft. Oscar Key Sung

Charles Murdoch‘s soon-to-be debut POINT features the off-kilter rhythm of Oscar Key Sung in this curiously warm yet cautious track. POINT is out 12.11 on Future Classic.


World Champion – Shakes

As if it were any surprise, funky kraut-psych via World Champion coming by way of Australia has a lot of soul. Even less of a surprise, Future Classic picked these guys up for their forthcoming EP Avocado Galaxy (12.04).