CoachellAltDelight: Parov Stelar

CoachellAltDelight brings attention to special artists that will be featured in Indio come April.
Some we love. Some we just discovered. All essential.
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6/13 Days

Allow me to introduce Parov Stelar; a very unique Austrian Producer and DJ. He’s one of the many electronic artists who are currently reviving big band and swing music. I couldn’t be happier with this movement! Parov is credited with the creation of the Electroswing genre. You can’t help but feel that this is swing music for the 21st century, complete with all the trumpets, synthesizer, saxophone, and bass you’d ever need for the new age. The best part is that he’ll be touring with his live trio. Meaning that there will be live instruments! You’re almost guaranteed to nod your head, tap your foot and just groove out to these tunes. Consider adding him to your Coachooser for Sunday.

Parov Stelar – Oh Yeah

Parov Stelar Trio – The Invisible Girl