Every once and a while I’ll scope some of my ancient iTunes playlists and unearth some long lost buried treasures. This morning I haphazardly found myself browsing an inconspicuous folder labeled ‘elton’; I stumbled upon something EXTRA special!

Immeasurable contributions to the music world, an inspiration to many and, one of the greatest DJs of all time, DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) was a true pioneer. Adam had this incredible ability to mix the unmixable; he would fuse hip-hop, electro, breaks, 80’s, funk… DJ AM took any and every possible genre and could blend them in a whirl of ear pleasing goodness. I had the extraordinary opportunity to witness DJ AM and Travis Barker lay down the most eye popping, panty dropping, face rocking set at Coachella 09’, without a doubt, the greatest hour of my life (you can snag the set here). The man, the legend… you’d think he had it all. Unfortunately, despite his massive success, Adam was unable to drop a nasty drug habit. August 28th 2009, a date that will never be forgotten.

On a bit of a happier note, here’s a five-part set DJ AM threw down for Elton John’s 60th birthday bash (6 hours of auditory satisfaction). The set’s tone is on the mellow side, perfect for those early morning cram sesh’s or those late night Del Taco runs.

DJ AM – Elton John’s Kickback Part 1 (1:19:43)
DJ AM – Elton John’s Kickback Part 2 (1:15:29)
DJ AM – Elton John’s Kickback Part 3 (1:01:43)
DJ AM – Elton John’s Kickback Part 4 (1:08:03)
DJ AM – Elton John’s Kickback Part 5 (1:20:00)

DJ AM Rest.In.Power.

– Chronic Mncher