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[audio: https://controlaltdelight.com/best%20of%202013/03%20Heart.mp3]

10 minutes of ambient intro.

This massive mirror hung overhead; it was essentially a portal to another dimension.

Awe-inspiring lights flooded the stage. Sometimes calm, blue, peaceful. Other times bright, red, intense. At one point the entire platform was drowning in a sea of flames. Thankfully our protagonists, unscathed.

Then there were sounds, lots of them…

The amount of instruments & electronics was stupefying.

Dave Herrington jammed on the guitar, bass, organ, piano, and clarinet. All while Nicolas Jaar wrestled with a Wurlitzer and another goofy contraption called the Mellotron. I dunno what they do, but they sounded really cool.

The set progression was flawless, the crowd was into it, and the place was packed. Everyone I interacted with was super genuine & nice. Props to The Do LaB for throwing a quality show.