A hundred miles of road, winding through the desolate inlands.
A hundred wind turbines, goliath daisies flowing with the desert breeze.
A hundred degree scorch, the beating of an unrelenting solar drum.
A hundred thousand smiling souls, the sunset a mellow gaze.
A hundred glow sticks, some guy with way too many glow sticks.
A hundred strobes lights, spewing waves of energy with ungodly might.
A hundred hours of mind altering virtue ~ the mecca of generation x.


Coachella came and Coachella went; only memories and a handful of polaroids remain. I met new people, ate tasty pizza, gazed at the stars and most importantly, went mental to some serious amounts of music. I finally experienced tons of artists I’ve patiently been anticipating, as well as some refreshingly unfamiliar.

Chronic’s Postchella Report

The Delightful:

  • Jack Beats
  • Duck Sauce
  • Steve Angello
  • Boys Noize
  • Axwell

The Disappointing:

  • Skrillex

The Unexpectedly Enjoyable:

  • The Presets
  • Leftfield


People keep asking me that dreadfully broad question, “So, who was your favorite?” What a tremendously difficult inquiry. Here’s the rundown, quick and dirty. Jack Beats brought the house down with a lip smacking Sunday brunch of jungle wobble and urban basslines. Duck Sauce packed the Sahara with disco house, funky breakdowns and a massive inflatable ducky. Steve Angello came to play with banger after banger of Swedish mayhem. Boys Noize, as usual, melted faces with unparalleled lighting and eccentric German frequencies.

Despite these incredible acts, a Swedish prodigy takes the cakechella. Axwell laid out a barrage of musical perfection, sending me on a journey through space, time and everything in-between. Fortunately, Kanye’s conflicting set time sifted out the unwanted shoebies, revealing the true house appreciating individuals.  His passion and energy gave an onstage presence that most DJs only dream of. Mixed with fitting set progression and striking visuals, Axwell’s set was, in my opinion, flawless.

For the most part, every set was lovely. However, one artist in particular couldn’t handle the hype. Distorted sound, terrible vibe and worst of all, the brochella crowd; Skrillex just couldn’t hang. Right from the get go his shit was cutting out, it was all down hill from there. Bros jumping and pushing like it was a Nickelback concert. Sadly, my worst dubstep experience.

Regardless of Skrillmeh, Coachella was Coachella. Friends, Music, Sunshine. Everything I could’ve wanted. Now sit back, relax and enjoy your weekly dose of w0mp.



TV Rock – In The Air feat. Rudy (Axwell Remix)

Drumsound ft. Bassline Smith – Freak (Bassjackers Remix)

Tiesto – Green Sky (Original Mix)

Hardwell – Encoded (Dada Life Remix)

Doctor P – Watch Out (Original Mix)

Happy 420
– Chronic Mncher