[ALBUM REVIEW] Tycho – Simulcast

With our world ever evolving and growing seemingly ever divisive, Tycho took it upon himself to build a soundscape that transports us into a world of unifying and pensive hope in his newest album, Simulcast. While he doesn’t stray too far from his signature instrumentals suited for solo sessions around celestial shifts, he does expand on his style with choral vocals and natural elements a la “Into the Woods” or “Easy”.


At just shy of 35 minutes, Simulcast serve as a staple of anyone’s wake up jaunt or daily meditation playlist. Every track, even more so when taken in sequence, allows listeners the space to step out from society and dive into their minds – which, quite clearly, the world needs more of. We can’t help but visualize love every time we listen to Tycho and Simulcast is no different – only it’s even better.