Album Blurb: “Out of Frequency” by Asteroids Galaxy Tour

To put it simply and a bit crassly, Asteroids Galaxy Tour are weirdos (which could explain why I love them so much). They’re all over the place, but simultaneously anchored in pure awesomeness. With two records and an EP to date, they’ve consistently released a sound that sounds like psychedelic retro-dance-pop from the future. I know I just completely contradicted myself but they’re confusing that way. Their second LP, “Out of Frequency”, is set to officially drop January 31 and it’s fantastic. It manages to be both seductive and funky, like a vodka-spiked syrup if that kind of stuff existed. Fourteen tracks long, it’s got enough hooks to catch the kraken. With massive horns stabbing into synthesized melodies, their music is an ecstatic catapult through time and space in every which way. You’d think you’d get motion sickness but instead you find yourself crying out “Do it again!” It’s the kind of stuff that’s impossible to sit still while listening to. Be on the lookout for this album in the upcoming weeks. It’ll be a psychedelic light source for the remainder of the year.


1. Gold Rush Pt. I
2. Dollars In the Night
3. Gold Rush Pt. II
4. Major
5. Heart Attack
6. Out of Frequency
7. Cloak & Dagger
8. Arrival of the Empress (Prelude)
9. Theme From 45 Eugenia
10. Mafia
11. Ghost in My Head
12. Suburban Space Invader
13. Fantasy Friend Forever
14. When It Comes To Us

Free Candy

The Sun Ain’t Shining No More
Heart Attack (CSS Remix)