Album Blurb: Oshin by DIIV

If you are looking to drown under a wave of indie beach-rock goodness, look no further: DIIV’s recent LP ‘Oshin’ is your answer. It’s the same sort of glimmering daze to get lost in as the likes of Beach Fossils and Real Estate. It is sun-drenched and ethereal as anything of or pertaining to dream pop but it really is instantly addicting. Amongst its tipsy clatter and distilled guitars, it is rooted in something very solid. These Brooklyn-based dudes really have natural talent. Everything comes together to form a glassy album that seamlessly glides from one track to the next; you’re never left to wonder about the musicians themselves–the attention is purely on the music. This is a gloriously restorative album for the brain.

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1. (Druun)
2. Past Lives
3. Human
4. Air Conditioning
5. How Long Have You Known?
6. Wait
7. Earthboy
8. (Druun), Pt. II
9. Follow
10. Sometime
11. Oshin (Subsume)
12. Doused
13. Home
14. Geist (Bonus Track)
15. Bambi Slaughter (Bonus Track)