YOLO List: Week 37


Party people..not a lot to talk about this week. As you can see we’ve been undergoing some changes with the aesthetics of the site in high hopes that it’ll speed things up for everyone. We’ve been getting complaints with the lag, so we’re trying to fix it. Could be temporary, could not. Just trying to make your visits as worthwhile and efficient as possible. Wasn’t sure what I was going to put in this weeks list, but once I started searching it came together pretty nicely in my opinion. I hope you guys feel the same way.


Grab them all Click Here

Zedd – Legend Of Zelda (Original Mix) (Electronic)
DOM – Jesus (Garage Rock/Indie)
DOM – Living in America (Garage Rock/Indie)
The Rapture – Pieces Of The People We Love (Alternative)
The Sounds – To Die For (Kids At The Bar) (Electronic/Rock)
Felix Cartal – The Riddler (Original Mix) (Electro House)
Delta Spirit – Bushwick Blues (Indie Rock)
King Kornelius – Morning Star (Original Mix) (Electronic)